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The first European stem cell bank is now available in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Twenty years ago, stem cells were used in treatment of only a small number of diseases. Nowadays, they are used in therapies of a wide range of diseases and the importance of umbilical stem cells is widely known. With the increased trend of umbilical stem cell storage, rises the number of so called stem cell banks. As parents always want the best for their children, their job is to select a company with top quality services.

The first stem cell bank in Europe

Stem cell banking is the most contemporary medical achievement. Safe stem cell storage requires the highest standards, technologies, innovations and experience. The Bio Save company was established as to offer parents in BiH to store their children’s stem cells under the highest standards in the first European stem cell bank – Vita 34, the largest stem cell company in Europe. Germany is the country which pays a great deal of attention to the security and control of umbilical cord blood processing. Germany was the first country to have regulated the work of stem cell banks by defining strict principles, which subsequently became part of the EU regulations.



Vita 34 stores all types of stem cells

In the past, it was unknown how many different types of stem cells can be found in an umbilical cord. It was believed that hematopoietic stem cells are the only cells that could be used for treating disorders. Companies were providing storage of only one part of the umbilical cord blood in order to reduce storage costs. However, so far 12 different types of umbilical stem cells were discovered, and some of them are expected to change the course of regenerative medicine development. Scientists in this field of research recommend storing the entire amount of the umbilical cord blood and extracting cells only when a specific therapy has already been defined.

Vita 34 was founded by scientists who had worked on finding ways to safely store samples and to increase the scope of their application. This is the reason why Vita 34 is one of few banks that uses the above storage method as to enable application of the umbilical cord cells in as many treatments as possible.

We witness medical advances in stem cell research every day, which is why it is so important not to throw them away. Extraction and storage of only one type of stem cells (hematopoietic) is acceptable, if they are to be used only in treatment of blood disorders. However, apart from mesenchymal (MSC), CD37+, countless number of somatic stem cells (USSC), VSEL cells were also found in the umbilical cord blood. These stem cells are pluripotent and similar by its characteristics to embryonic stem cells, which means they are capable of developing into all cell types that make up the body. The remarkable regenerative potential of these cells is a subject matter of many research studies in the world. The above constitutes the most important medical advance. Application of these cells in the next 20 or more years can only be imagined.


Discovery of this type of umbilical stem cells has opened possibilities for research and application of all characteristics of the embryonic cells without questioning the ethical and religious principles.

The highest quality standards

The possibility to use samples when required is more important than the storage. Vita 34 is the first family stem cell bank, whose services in preparation and storage of umbilical cord blood were recognized for following the highest medical standards in the world (GMP standards).

According to the German standards and EU directives, the umbilical cord blood samples are stored under the highest safety procedures, together with mother’s medical history and results of lab tests for the most common viral infections. Such collection of information enables sample application in medical institutions all over the world.

The highest number of applications in Europe

The company’s dedication to quality, use of the highest standards and the most modern technology have resulted in 23 successful cases of sample application so far. Vita 34 is the company which enabled treatment of more children than all other family stem cell banks in Europe together.


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