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LLETZ treatment for CIN

Radio-wave therapy is the most contemporary treatment method for precancerous changes in the cervix (CIN I, II and III). These changes, if not treated, can lead to cervical cancer.

Earlier treatment methods of using hot cauters and lasers on the very tissue can cause different damages to the affected, but also to the healthy tissue. This can lead to diagnostic problems during histopathological verification of the sample’s most important elements. In principle, these methods do lead to the ultimate goal, but they cause severe damages to the tissue (bleeding, pain, anaesthesia, longer healing period, longer recovery).

Electro-magnetic energy of radio waves in contact with the tissue is not converted into heat, but is absorbed into the plasma of a cell, causing its evaporation (vaporization). The result is tissue space, micronization and a perfectly precise cut. The released plasma is reabsorbed via blood vessels. The radio waves do not cause tissue necrosis, the main cause of subsequent infections. There is no tissue damage or delayed wound healing. There is minimal scarring and the recovery is fast, as a patient is able to return to her everyday activities virtually immediately after the procedure.

Usage of the radio wave knife in gynecological surgeries:

  • Radio wave conisation (conisation electrode)
  • Loop or Lletz conisation of the cervix (CIN I, II and III)
  • Cervical polypectomy
  • Fulguration of cervical ectropions and ectopies
  • Biopsy of the cervix, vulva and vagina
  • Radio wave excision of vulvar and perineal condyloma
  • Fulguration of flat vaginal condyloma
  • Bartholin’s gland surgery

The advantages of the radio wave therapy as compared to electrosurgery and laser:

  • The procedure is painless and there is no need for general anaesthesia
  • Minimum invasion
  • No bleeding
  • No scarring
  • It is an outpatient procedure of 5 to 10 minutes
  • There is no need for staying in the clinic and a patient can return to her everyday activities

We perform all of the above mentioned procedures. Our staff is certified for performing the radio wave therapy, i.e. our experience and knowledge comes from subspecialization in cytology, colposcopy and cervical pathology.

Very often a PAPA Smear Test indicates to cervical epithelial abnormalities called CIN I, CIN II and CIN III. These CIN cells might turn into a serious cervical disorder (cancer). The LLETZ method of treatment is the most contemporary method used nowadays. As opposed to earlier methods of cauterization and laser, this method does not require anaesthesia because it is painless, there is no bleeding, no scaring, and a patient can soon after return to her every day activities. The treatment is done as an outpatient, in the clinic, followed by the above mentioned benefits. The tissue sample is then sent for a pathohistological analysis. The whole procedure takes max 10 minutes. The “Mehmedbašić” Institute performs this treatment by using the most contemporary ablator produced by the American “Elman” Company. The price is KM 700.00. You can make an appointment by calling 00387 33 811 155.


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