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Thrombophilia detected, by PCR method

The “Mehmedbašić” clinic offers testing for detection of inborn conditions indicating thrombophilia. We use real time PCR chain reaction to quantify a targeted DNA molecule with fluorescent primers.

What is thrombophilia?

Thrombophilia is inborn or acquired abnormality of blood coagulation. Thrombophilia is a complex condition caused by both genetic disposition (mutation of the genes that control the blood coagulation) and factors like smoking, hormones, obesity, high blood fat, diabetes, pregnancy, postnatal period, advanced age of women, trauma, surgeries, temporary immobilization, etc. Blood clots are the products of thrombophilia. They travel through the blood, obstructing the blood flow.

We offer tests for detection of thrombophilia predisposition and risks for deep vein thromboses by using the most contemporary technology of molecular biology (real time PCR – a polymerase chain reaction used to quantify a targeted DNA molecule with fluorescent primers).


  • Recurrent miscarriages in early stages
  • Failed IVFs
  • Deep vein thrombosis (family history)
  • Fetal death
  • Preterm birth
  • Intrauterine growth restriction
  • Pre-eclampsia


Genes to be tested for thrombophilia:

  • Factor V Leiden (G1691G)
  • Factor II, Prothrombin (G20210G)
  • MTHFR (C677C)

The sample for testing is taken from blood (2ml, EDTA) in our clinic, every day from 8 to 10 a.m., or it can be sent via fast mail service, if a patient is not from Sarajevo. The sample is to be kept and transported at the temperature between 2-8°C. It must be delivered within 6 hours.

The results are obtained within five days.

The price of the entire test with interpretation of its results is KM 250.00.

Phone: 00387 33 811 155

Genetics laboratory: 00387 33 815 620

Eldar dr. Mehmedbašić

Zaposlen sam u Zavodu "Mehmedbašić" od 2009. godine. Specijalizantski staž sam obavljao u Opštoj bolnici Sarajevo na Odjeljenju za ginekologiju i akušerstvo te na Ginekološko-akušerskoj klinici, Kliničkog centra Univerziteta u Sarajevu. Specijalista sam ginekologije i opstetricije od 2015. godine.
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