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HPV screening and HPV genotypization

HPV test is performed as to set the actual diagnosis for cervical cancer. If Pap smear shows alterations on the cervical cells, HPV test must be performed. If the HPV test is negative, there is less possibility that alterations on the cervical cell indicate to cancer. The Mehmedbašić Institute offers the following tests:

a) HPV screening

b) HPV genotypization

a) HPV screening is used to test the samples for HPV presence, with either negative or positive results. The PCR test in relation to standard hybridization methods (Hybrid Capture) is better because it is more sensitive and accurate. It can detect 500 virus copies per 1ml. Besides, the screening uses human gene primers as a mean of internal control of the test results. Furthermore, apart from its sensitivity, it is impossible to get positive or false negative results when using this test.

b) HPV genotypization is a special test used for detection of HPV genotype, which is considered a medium- or high-risk virus. It has been established that HPV type 16 and type 18 have the highest oncogenic potential and that they cause about 70% of cervical cancers. Number of copies also amounts to 500 copies of HPV DNA per 1ml. Internal control is also provided.

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We are not disposing of the sample used in HPV screening once the test is finished. In case test results are positive, the sample is used for HPV genotypization as well. In that manner, a patient is provided with a full HPV analysis, upon which further medical procedures can be determined.

Indications to HPV analysis:

  • Suspicious pap smear results
  • Colposcopy cervical pathology

Getting samples for both of the above mentioned tests is simple and painless. After collecting a sample of cells from the cervix, a plain cotton ear bud is used and sample for HPV testing is taken by rotating the bud three times in the counter clockwise direction. It takes about two minutes for the bud to dry out, before it is placed into a test tube and taken to the laboratory. In men, the sample can be taken from the urethral swab or semen.

Results are obtained within 5 days.


  1. HPV screening – KM 120.00
  2. HPV genotypization – KM 170.00
  3. HPV screening + HPV genotypization – KM 170.00

More information about prevention and treatment of precancerous changes in the cervix can be found here.


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