Combined screening for genetic disorders in fetuses

17. 03. 2013
Eldar dr. Mehmedbašić

The combined screening is performed by using ultrasound and biochemical markers in calculation of the risk for fetal abnormalities. Nuchal fold and nasal bone are used as ultrasound markers for abnormalities. Biochemical markers (from mother’s blood) include measurements of ß-HCG i PAAP-A. The samples are then processed by using the Priska software to assess the risk for genetic disorders. This is a very sensitive test resulting in 97% accuracy, which is the most reliable diagnostic method of all. The test is non-invasive, performed between the week 11 and 13+6. We use this method to detect genetic disorders in foetuses in non-risk women (younger than 35). This test can also indicate to an unnecessary amniocentesis in the risk women (above the age of 35).

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In our analyses, we use the Priska software and the most contemporary 3D and 4D ultrasound imaging. Our team comprises the most experienced and certified specialists. The price of the combined screening is KM 250.00.



Eldar dr. Mehmedbašić

Zaposlen sam u Zavodu "Mehmedbašić" od 2009. godine. Specijalizantski staž sam obavljao u Opštoj bolnici Sarajevo na Odjeljenju za ginekologiju i akušerstvo te na Ginekološko-akušerskoj klinici, Kliničkog centra Univerziteta u Sarajevu. Specijalista sam ginekologije i opstetricije od 2015. godine.
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